What I Love


When I was 18 I was diagnosed with diabetes. I weighed 240 pounds and was not very gifted, athletically. By twenty, I'd gained 35 pounds and my doctor told me I may not make it to 50 at the rate I was going. My parents weren't even 50 yet. That was my wakeup call. It hasn't been an easy journey, but it's definitely been worth it.


I get bored with conventional exercise like running, rowing and lifting weights. I like to be distracted during exercise, as I find it keeps me going longer, especially if I'm enjoying what I'm doing! So,  I started with short hikes in pretty places with lots to see. Then I began mountain biking and kayaking. Now I'm into rock climbing and snowshoeing! Let's find something you love that gets you moving!


For me the gym is a place where I get ready for adventures. My eye is not on the elliptical. It is on the mountains I will climb and the rivers I will ride. My hope is that in sharing my adventures with you, I will inspire you to find your own adventures. Let's keep building strength and health together. Then we can share the stories of the exciting places that our bodies take us.