SUP Tours & Trips

If you want to experience the water and marine life of Miami Beach, there's no better way than from a Stand up Paddleboard. The Kite Farm knows all the great spots and can help you have fun on the water!  If you prefer the shallow clear waters of the Keys or back country locations, we can send you off to some of our secret spots, so take your pick and let us show you the best paddling locations. You can also tailor a tour so call us and we will work with you to put together a unique trip just for you or your group.

Our favorite Private and Semi-private Tours & Back Country Trips offered*:

Bay Tours: Soak in the views of Miami Beach on a relaxing Stand Up Paddle ride on Indian Creek. Paddle through some of Miami's historic homes on Pine Tree and Indian Creek, or to the islands of Indian Creek. Pack a snack and some cold drinks and you are ready to start your water adventure. Don't miss out on the manatee and dolphin sighting in this area! (Beginner to Intermediate)

Down Wind Paddles: Plan a thrilling downwind paddle along the flat waters of Indian Creek or Biscayne Bay. Down winders combine the rhythm of SUP touring without having to fight the current while taking in some of the most beautiful views in Miami. (Beginner to Advanced)

Haulover Tours: The Haulover Sandbar & surrounding area is definitely one of the "must see" destinations to visit by boat in Miami. It's next to a large, uninhabited island officially called Sandspur. (Accessible by boat, Beginner to Advanced)

Stiltsville:  Stiltsville is a group of prohibition era wood houses built offshore on stilts in acres of shallow crystal clear waters. Accessible only by water, and is a premier world-class location to kite. (Accessible by boat, Beginner to Advanced)

Solider Key:  Pristine island with picture perfect views and miles of shallow, flat water.  The island is relatively isolated and for the most part untouched. (Accessible by boat, Beginner to Advanced)

Our Favorite Hidden Spots:  Come paddle one of our hidden spots with flat, crystal clear, shallow waters anywhere between Key Biscayne to the Keys.  Call or email for details. (Beginner to Advanced)

Create your own tour! Call or email us to create your own tour.

Full Moon Tours:

Wine & Cheese Paddles/ Full Moon Tours: Want to have a fun, romantic or just a social outing with friends and family, join us for a Wine and Cheese Paddle or a Full Moon Tour! Paddle Indian Creek to an island in Biscayne Bay only to end up at with your friends or family enjoying wine and cheese platters and local snacks. (Beginner to Advanced) 

SUP Tours & BACK COUNTRY Trips Rates:

Tours & Trips assessable by boat:
           1 Hour Guided Tour: $75/ person
        1 Hour Down Wind Paddle: $75/ person
           90 min SUP Tour/ Down Wind paddle/ Full Moon Tour/ Wine& Cheese paddle: $100/ person
           Half Day Tour (3 hours): $200/ person
           Full Day Tour: $400/ person

*All Tours & Trips subject to availability and weather.