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Alex Ceruti


Alex Ceruti grew up traveling the world between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic oceans.  His passion for pushing the limits with outdoor sports started at a young age as he competed in swimming and surfing.  He began surfing in Brazil at the age of 7 and surfed all over the world.  He also has over 10 years experience in snowboarding, as well as, experience in free diving, body surfing and SUP.  Further, he is extremely passionate about sailing and has extensive sailing experience with all kinds of boats as well as having participated in over 12 regattas.  Needless to say he is just a little obsessed with the water and wind and he has taken this passion into the sport of kitesurfing as he dove into the sport head first in 2010.  His influence and style in the sport comes from snowboarding, surfing and skating and he has developed a unique freeriding style kiteboarding.